The Cell

Corrected entry: The whole reason Catherine enters Carl's mind is to learn the location of his latest victim. They still have not learned this when Catherine takes him into her head, but she goes ahead and kills him almost immediately without even asking him about this crucial information.


Correction: Vince Vaughn's character knows where the girl is, that's why he got them out of the killer's mind. He saw the symbols on the tank and knew where the girl was. Jennifer Lopez's character went back in to try to save the child.

Corrected entry: When Carl lifts the dead girl out of the bleach bath, she moves her legs to the side to make it easier for him. (00:12:40)


Correction: You don't see the bleached girl's legs. Her face and shoulders are all that is visible.

Corrected entry: When Peter tries to rescue the girl from the tank at the end, he fires several bullets into the glass but it doesn't break. So then he finds an iron bar to hit it with, and the glass shatters. Even if you argue that the bullets must have weakened the glass, anything capable of withstanding the velocity of a bullet would surely need more force than one man can muster in order to shatter it.

Correction: Not necessarily. In the same way that some brands of bulletproof vests will stop a bullet, even at close range, but not stop a knife, the force expended by a bullet is focused on one tight area. A heavier, slower impact may indeed break glass where a bullet doesn't. I used to drive an armored car that had bulletproof glass. It resisted even high powered rifle bullets, but still had to be replaced every couple of years due to rock chips from the highway. Just an example of how a slower impact can still affect objects.


Corrected entry: When Carl is in his deep coma, Catherine enters his mind in the lab-room using the special technology. However due to a "power failure," she then has to go across the room to fiddle with some circuit breakers and we assume she isn't in Carl's mind yet, however she then realizes she is already in Carl's mind - but if he has been in a coma for a few days, Carl couldn't possibly know the layout of the lab that he has been taken to, or what Catherine's colleagues look like and what they're wearing or even the red suits he and Catherine are wearing and the fact that they're suspended on wires and are wearing face-cloths, because he was in the coma before any of this happened. If Catherine is in his mind, then all this information we see in his mind isn't possible, as he could never of gathered all this information for him to even imagine it all so accurately - he would have never seen the lab room, and the red suits and Catherine's colleagues. It makes for a good, sudden twist - however it doesn't fit. (00:56:30)


Correction: Carl had already begun to deeply effect Catherine. All he had to do was strongly suggest that she was back in the lab and HER mind filled in the rest of the details.

Corrected entry: Jennifer Lopez has a button on her suit which enables her to return from within somebody else's mind. It is suggested that by pressing this button in her "hallucination" she is able to press it in real life. However none of the other movements she makes in her dreams is duplicated in the physical world, or else she would never stay on the bed.

Correction: Given her mental discipline, it is likely that she has control over which movements occur in the physical world and which ones occur in the mental world.

Revealing mistake: When the bleached dead girl is lying on the table, you can see her breathing. (00:13:45)

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Carl Stargher: And what world do you live in?

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