Max Keeble's Big Move

Max Keeble's Big Move (2001)

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Correction: Pointing out that a cast member has been in something else (which one could say of practically any actor or actress) is not good trivia without some additional point of interest, like a scene in which they directly reference their other role.

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Corrected entry: Max is covered in dirt after what Troy McGinty did to him, but when he goes to the sprinkler you can see that Max is already half clean.

Correction: The dirt that covered Max Keeble was more dust that dirt, so after walking to the sprinkler its possible some came off, then Max would just clean the rest off with the sprinklers.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the evil ice cream man is reading the newspaper on the bottom of the headline, it says that there was a roach found in a rocky road, yet Max says that the roach was found in his snowcone.

Correction: This is assuming newspapers never make mistakes. They certainly do.

Corrected entry: Max Keeble mentions that the kid who won a load in the stock markets was 10, and lost it all at 12. This can't be possible since you have to be 18 to use the stock markets.

Correction: Unless you have an adult do it for you. Don't think that's legal, but doesn't mean it didn't happen. Parents buy stock for their kids all the time (granted, that it's usually for the kids to have after they are 18).

Correction: Actually, there is a key lock on the door as well.

Corrected entry: Why wouldn't Max just use the fact that the bully was scared of McGoogles the frog against him? It seems like a pretty good defense to me.

Correction: In fact, he did. There are many scenes he does this.

Continuity mistake: When the ice cream man and the kid in the suit and tie are fighting, in one angle, the kid's tie is thrown over his shoulder and in the next view it is back down. In the next shot it is back up over his shoulder again.

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Principal Jindraike: You're a smart little boy, but so am I.

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