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Corrected entry: When Sam and the visitors wait for Lucy at her birthday party, Brad is told to switch the light off. He pulls the switch but the light doesn't change. (00:29:55)


Correction: That's because it's broad daylight outside, and there is a lot of light coming through the windows. There was no need for Brad to switch off any light, but to these mentally challenged people switching off the lights is part of what you're "supposed" to do at a surprise party, and they would not want to do anything wrong.


Corrected entry: Sometime in the beginning, Sam takes baby Lucy to a picture booth. During the time in the booth, we can see all three flashes and what pose each picture has. However, when the pictures are printed, they aren't the same as what was taken in the booth. It is most noticeable in the second picture in the middle.

Correction: This scene is part of a long montage showing how Sam takes care of and plays with Lucy when she is small. He takes several series of pictures, and the poses we see are not necessarily the ones we see being developed.


Corrected entry: Why on earth was the witness stand and, believe it or not, even the judge's desk in the custody hearings decorated with various stuffed teddy bears? (00:54:20)


Correction: The reason why the desk is decorated is because the court deals with children and custody rights. The decorations are there to allow the children to feel comfortable and not to be intimidated by the situation. Even though it is a court room, it has been designed in regards to the childrens' perspective of it.

Corrected entry: In spite of her agoraphobia Annie makes it to the court alone, but when she is brought back home by Rita and Sam she needs several hours to work up the strength to step out of the car and walk to her door. (01:13:45)


Correction: Not necessarily a mistake. A phobia can be suppressed if the phobic has enough motivation or is under enough pressure of some kind. When the motivation and/or pressure is released, the phobia returns. Often with greater force than ususal.

Corrected entry: It is very, very unlikely that Lucy's foster parents wouldn't have found a way to prevent her from climbing down the creepers and toddling over to Sam's place in the wee hours of the morning again and again, thus most probably saving her life under any normal circumstances. (01:51:55)


Correction: After several escapes, the foster parents put bars on Lucy's windows. Right after Lucy discovers this, she attempts to leave through the front door and Randy is waiting at the table with a snack for her.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Rita hands Sam her husband's suit for court it has a red tie around the neck but when he comes in for her to tie it he is wearing a light blue tie. (01:20:00)

Correction: The room is in odd blue shadow because of the lighting, but the tie is definitely a light-colored stripe, the same as when Sam comes out after putting the suit on.

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Corrected entry: Sam moves into the neighborhood of Lucy's foster home to be closer to her. How does he cough up the money for all the move-related expenses? His lack of funds has been made a point of on several occasions. There is no hint that Rita helped him out, neither does the stage of their relationship at that point suggest that.


Correction: Sam leaves his job at Starbucks to make more money at Pizza Hut. Sam's dog walking business is an additional form of income.

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