Security chief Rafe Bentley is both consultant and controller of Shady Glen private school, here is where many of the most richest kids in America go too study
But alas he's contracts soon to be terminated leaving him with nothing to show for it.
Unfortunatley he's still seriously pissed off about this and at being fired from his last job by his then boss Miles Lawrence for inconclusive suspicions of embazzling.
Upon learning Miles daughter Gabby attends Shady Glen, Rafe and a bunch of fellow disgrutled ex-security specialists now mercenaries seize control of the entire school...sealing the compound and grounds from the outside world. Both staff and pupils are now in his custody...ready to be ransomed off for multi-millions...most coming from the pockets of some of the more well off parents like Miles
Everyone of them his prisoners...except one...Oswald 'Ozzie' expelled troublemaker who came to drop off his step sister Mellisa Randall...but now finds himself trapped inside the school.
Infuriated at what Rafe and co. has done he sets out to sabotage these extortionists plans at every step of the way.
In an effort to strike back at this pest, Rafe discovering Mellisa is Oz's sister he prepares to do her harm.
But that only annoys Ozzie and Rafe is about to find out the hard way that no one messes with Ozzie's family and gets away with it.


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Raif Bentley: You know, I'm not a violent man but I really do think I'm going to have to kill someone here.

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