Super Mario Bros.

Corrected entry: Iggy and Spike say that the portal was closed until someone started blasting it on the Brooklyn side, but Daisy has been on Earth for 20 years.

Correction: The blasting was done by Scappeli.

Corrected entry: Mario says about his girlfriend "I promised to take her to Wrestlemania." The problem is that Wrestlemania took place in Las Vegas that year. The event took place in NYC's MSG the following year.

Correction: He could have planned to take her to Las Vegas for the event. It is never stated that they are going to Wrestlemania in New York.


Corrected entry: Throughout the entire movie where Koopa shoves someone in the De-evolutionary chamber, the time that they stay in the chamber goes from fifteen seconds (Toad) to ten seconds (Koopa) to five seconds (Iggy) To one second (Spike). Why does the process shorten each time? (00:36:25 - 00:47:55)

Correction: The process doesn't shorten, it changes times depending on the person who's inside.

Corrected entry: When Mario & Luigi are driving between the two police cars & the cars are blasting fire at Mario & Luigi, Mario then hits the brakes, making the two cops blast each other. Later, when they're driving through an unfinished tunnel, Mario yells, "There are no brakes."

Correction: Mario and Luigi couldn't brake in the tunnel because there was no power. They were able to stop when they were surrounded by the cops, when there WAS power.


Then why at the police station are there no brakes and the car has to hook onto something to stop it? Also outside of the bar where Big Bertha is cars slam into each other to park? The only times brakes are used is the police chase part and when the guy stops for the Bob-omb. Every where else there literally are no brakes.

Corrected entry: When King Koopa is shoved into the De-evolutionary chamber by Mario and Luigi, they begin to push him backwards into the chamber. Look on the ground. There is all sorts of green gunk everywhere that the security guard slips in. Where did it come from? (00:38:20)

Correction: The green gunk is actually blood of the security guard that Luigi knocked down. Evolution made the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom green.

Corrected entry: When Koopa de-evolves the Human into a monkey, just after the worlds merge, it takes a second or two. Yet when Mario and Luigi both try to de-evolve Koopa it takes longer and he does not fully de-evolve with BOTH devo guns on him. (01:30:55 - 01:33:25)

Correction: Koopa's a dinosaur, he's got 65 million years to go back to turn back into one. Humans only have to go back 9 or 10 million years to be a monkey.

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Luigi: It is an honor to meet you sir, and a pleasure, and I just wanna thank you for all your help.
Mario: Come on, Luigi. You'll be talking to the mildew in the shower next.



After Mario and Luigi have defeated Bowser, Daisy's father and the man in New York re-evolve back to their human forms. This makes no sense as it is never explained, and none of the goombas or Koopa troopas ever revert.



The portable devo guns Mario & Luigi use to turn Koopa into slime are actually Super Scopes, (used in the Super Nintendo Game "Super Scope"). They're kind of the Super Nintendo version of the Nintendo Zapper from "Duck Hunt" for NES (Nintendo Entertainment System").