The Exorcist III

The Exorcist III (1990)

Ending / spoiler

As Kinderman's daughter is about to be decapitated by a possessed old woman, Father Morning arrives at the hospital where Patient X (former Damien Karras/Gemini Killer) is, and the decapitation is stopped.Father Morning performs an exorcism, complete with snakes, fires, and exploding bible, to exorcise the "Legion" of demons trapped inside Damien's body. But the priest is not quite successful and is nearly about to be killed when Kinderman enters the room. He too is nearly killed when, with the help of the Damien Karras' spirit urging him to "kill me now!", Kinderman uses his gun and shoots. The "Legion" is exorcised, but Damien Karras is finally dead, for good. They bury Damien Karras' body.




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