All Dogs Go To Heaven 2

Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie sneaks into the lost and found to retreive Gabriel's horn, there is a cop playing around with the horn. He is in a fenced-in room. When the cop blows the horn, since its true purpose is to open the gates of heaven, naturally it opens the gate that closes in the lost and found. The cop then closes the gate. Charlie easily slips trough the gate and grabs the horn, but the horn is a solid object, and cannot go through the gate. Therefore Charlie and his pals go on a secret mission through the police station to try and breakout the horn. In the process they cause quite a disturbance, and end up running away from a cop and stealing a motorcycle. This is all well and good, but they could have saved going through all that trouble. Why didn't Charlie just wait till the cop left? Then he could have blown the horn, the gate door would have opened, and no one has to steal a motorcycle and get chased by a cop.

Correction: As shown in the last movie, Charline really isn't very clever and usually justs wings it.

Continuity mistake: Charlie comes down to Earth from heaven to find Gabrial's Horn, and in the process, wants to go get a collar which allows other people to see him (he would normally be invisible, being an angel and all...)In one scene, before he gets the collar, he is talking to Carface, another dog, and asks him where he got his un-invisibility collar from. The problem is that while Charlie is asking Carface where he got the collar, the usually collar-less Charlie is actually wearing the collar he is asking about. Then in the next scene, he is again, collar-less.

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Itchy: I'm so hungry, I could eat a shoe.

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