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Corrected entry: When Undercover Brother first enters Roscoe's Barber Shop, most of the shots involving the two older black men laughing show the "Roscoe's" window painting backwards. But when Undercover Brother sits down (just when he says, "Holy Funkadelic"), in the background, the formerly backwards window painting is now facing the correct way.

Correction: When it looks like the words are correct, it is actually the mirror image of the back of the store front.

Correction: This is a character mistake, and the glass then breaks, after he cuts a hole through the window anyway.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sista Girl saves Undercover Brother from the She Devil, her pants are torn off at the end of the fight, and she changes into a mini-skirt. In the next shot when they exit the building, she has her pants on again.

Correction: It's a goofy movie. If UB can change from his Antoine Jackson outfit to his "funkadelic" outfit after jumping through a window, then Sistah Girl can change from her mini-skirt to pants. (Note that she also changes from a torn shirt to a jacket.)

Corrected entry: When Undercover Brother attaches the handle to the window and cuts a hole around it, the line he makes is clearly irregularly shaped. However, when the window shatters, the piece of glass attached to the handle is perfectly round.

Correction: In Eddie Griffin's DVD commentary he specifically mentions that this was deliberate - one of the many visual punch lines.

Other mistake: When Undercover Brother is being tested for his knowledge of the white man's culture, he's asked (something along the lines of) "on 'Friends' in season 3, Ross sees something of Julia's that makes him feel bad for kissing Rachel the night before." It was Julie, and the second season.

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Conspiracy Brother: Jesus Christ: black man. Babe Ruth: black man. Madonna: ... slept with black men.

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Answer: "Here We Go" by the boy band, NSYNC.

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