The Freshman
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Clark Kellogg: It's a crime.
Carmine Sabatini: Now you're speaking in generalities.

Clark Kellogg: You promise?
Carmine Sabatini: Every word I say, by definition, is a promise.

Clark Kellogg: There's federal officers after me.
Carmine Sabatini: Did you get their names?
Clark Kellogg: Greenwald and Simpson. They told me that they would put me in jail for two years, unless I led them to the Gourmet Club.
Carmine Sabatini: No, they're not gonna, they're not gonna send you to jail.
Clark Kellogg: Oh, they're not?
Carmine Sabatini: No, they're gonna blow your brains out.

Edward: Well, without humor, what do we have?

Clark Kellogg: Sir, I don't know where this talk of marriage began, but I'm really not ready. I'd really like to sample life a little bit first.
Carmine Sabatini: Wait. No, wait. Clark, after you get married you sample life. I mean, this is what men do. Marriage is an institution. It's the bedrock of society. What you're talking about is a little va-va-voom. This is self understood. But, what I'm talking about is social order.

Carmine Sabatini: I'm getting too old for this nonsense.

Clark Kellogg: I'm illegally transporting endangered species! Please, sir, I'd like to be let out.
Carmine Sabatini: Wait a minute. This is an impossibility.
Clark Kellogg: What do you mean? Why can't.
Carmine Sabatini: Look, Clark. I have a certain standing in the business community. How's it gonna look? A young college kid gonna make me look like a fool? I mean this is humiliation. It's infamia.

Victor Ray: How about I give you a hand with those bags?
Clark Kellogg: Oh, no thanks. I'm fine.
Victor Ray: You're a smart kid. Rule number one: don't let anybody touch your bags, kid.

Clark Kellogg: It's about these animals. These reptiles.
Carmine Sabatini: Yeah, what about 'em?
Clark Kellogg: They're endangered.
Carmine Sabatini: Not any more. They're in Jersey, they're fine.

Visible crew/equipment: When the lizard gets away, and is riding in the elevator, it is shown alone in there. In the next shot from the back of the lizard, you can see the shadow of the handler or crew-member's head moving around on the top of the lizard.

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