In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way (1965)


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Nurse Lieutenant Maggie Haynes: Hey, that's quite a knife you carry.
Captain Rock Torrey: Yeah. Can opener, screwdriver, punch, straight blade - even a skinning blade.
Nurse Lieutenant Maggie Haynes: Oh, that is useful. What do you skin?
Captain Rock Torrey: Lieutenant nurses who pull my leg.

Commander Egan Powell: Captain Burke, you have just anchored on poverty row.

Captain Rockwell Torrey: Well, I'm... flying under... false colors, Miss Haynes. I don't know my son. I've been divorced for many years and he's been raised by his mother and family. I didn't even know he was in the Navy.

Captain Rockwell Torrey: Well, I'm here to see a nurse. What are you here for?
Ensign Jere Torrey: To see a nurse.
Captain Rockwell Torrey: It looks like we have something in common after all.
Ensign Jere Torrey: I'm just a chip off the old block, sir.

cincpac II: On the most exalted throne in the world, we are seated on nothing but our own arse.

Commander Egan Powell: Well, us civilians need more rest and recreation than you Old Salts.

cincpac II: Well, we all know the Navy's never wrong. But in this case, it was a little weak on bein' right.

Factual error: Throughout the film the characters are often seen riding in M151 jeeps (horizontal grill slits) which were not in production until the Vietnam era. Odd because they did have a few correct era Willy's jeeps on the set, usually seen in the background

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Question: Why is Eddington's black eye on the left side of his face when he got hit by a left handed punch on the right side of his face?

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