In Harm's Way

In Harm's Way (1965)

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Factual error: When Commander Eddington is being released from the brig into Captain Torrey's custody, the person manning the desk has an armband that says MP, and the captain calls him "sergeant" but the sign on the front of the desk says "US Navy" and the sign on the front of the building says "Shore Patrol." The man at the desk should have been wearing an SP armband, and Captain Torrey should have addressed him by a Naval enlisted rank. (00:36:14)

Factual error: As the captain is chasing the Cassidy through Pearl Harbor, we see an impressive number of radar antennas. Most Navy ships did not have radar at that time. Also when the fleet is ordered to search for the Japanese Force, it's pointed out that none have radar.

Revealing mistake: During the attack on Pearl Harbor, we see a sailor cut the stern line so the destroyer can get underway. But the bow line is still attached as the ship is supposedly moving off.

Other mistake: After the sub attack, Mac informs Rock that he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1939. That would make him around 25 in 1941. The actor playing Mac was nearly 40. No competent officer would still be a Lt. JG at that age.

Continuity mistake: After USS Cassidy joins Torrey's group, Mac is on the bridge conversing with another officer, and the "Swayback" is visible on the port quarter. A submarine contact is made at 020/2000 yards which would be even further to starboard, and the Cassidy prosecutes the contact. Then the "Swayback" gets hit with two torpedoes on the PORT side.


Factual error: When Kirk Douglas is at the morgue to identify his wife's body, he asks the attendant about the man she was brought in with. The attendant replies, "The Army Air Force claimed the body this morning." Unlike Britain, the United States had no Air Force until 1947. A correct reply would have been "The Army..." or "The Army Air Corps..."

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Question: Why is Eddington's black eye on the left side of his face when he got hit by a left handed punch on the right side of his face?

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