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Ice Cold In Alex (1958)

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Corrected entry: When the MPs arrive at the bar in Alexandria to arrest Hauptmann Lutz, Captain Anson expects them later as he'd arranged with the guard commander. However when we saw him leaving the commander earlier, the commander gives him a shirt for the "South African". The commander would have known Lutz was a Nazi, through Anson's report, yet refers to him as the South African as the ambulance leaves for Alexandria.

Correction: This is not a plot error. Capt. Anson's plan was, as we know, to keep the German thinking that he had fooled them into believing he was a South African. He would of course have told the Commander this when he arranged through him for the MP's to arrest the German at a predetermined time in Alex. If the Commander had then come out and said, "Here's a shirt for your German" the subterfuge would have been blown. By referring to the German as a South African, the Commander would only have been intentionally re-inforcing the German's sense that he had them all fooled, and thus less likely to cause trouble.

Factual error: When Hauptmann Lutz ditches the radio in the quicksand, it promptly sinks. This is at least debatable, since a radio of that era would've contained a substantial amount of buoyant wood. However, when Sgt. Pugh later throws his incriminating shirt into the quicksand, it is pulled down by a mysterious force. It certainly isn't Archimedes' Principle and looks more like a hidden string to the bottom of the tank on the sound stage.

Oscar Bravo

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Capt. Anson: I'll tell you this, the next drink I have's gonna be a lager. Ice cold. There's a little bar in Alex with a marble top counter and high stools. They serve the best beer in all the middle east. When we get through with this lot I'm gonna buy you one. I'll buy you all one.

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Trivia: The Ice Cold in Alex refers to an Ice Cold Carlsberg lager when they reach their destination - the final scene, where they get their ice cold lager was later used by Carlsberg in an advertising campaign.

Jeff Walker

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