Cape Fear

Cape Fear (1991)

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Corrected entry: When Juliette Lewis goes to her room while her parents have a fight, she turns on the TV. There is the videoclip of "Jane's Addiction - Being caught stealing", but the music that is playing is from "Guns n' Roses - Patience"

Correction: While it's true that Juliette Lewis is watching a clip of "Been Caught Stealing," the music she is listening to isn't actually coming form the television. "Patience" is being played on a radio elsewhere as she is trying to drown out the sound of her parents fighting with as much noise as possible. It is logical that she would turn on both her television and radio in order to do this, the stereo being louder than the television.

Corrected entry: De Niro falls into the water and afterwards lights his cigar....

Correction: The cigar was in a plastic wrapper. Before he lights up and catches on fire, you can see the wrapper in his hand.

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When De Niro first meets Nolte's lady-friend, they are having a conversation in a bar or restaurant. As the camera goes from De Niro to the woman, the woman's top blouse button is open in one shot, then closed, then open, etc.



The officer that talks to Sam is played by Robert Mitchum who was the original Max Cady and the lawyer that Max hires is Gregory Peck who played the original Sam Bowden.