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Corrected entry: De Niro falls into the water and afterwards lights his cigar....

Correction: The cigar was in a plastic wrapper. Before he lights up and catches on fire, you can see the wrapper in his hand.

Corrected entry: When Juliette Lewis goes to her room while her parents have a fight, she turns on the TV. There is the videoclip of "Jane's Addiction - Being caught stealing", but the music that is playing is from "Guns n' Roses - Patience"

Correction: While it's true that Juliette Lewis is watching a clip of "Been Caught Stealing," the music she is listening to isn't actually coming form the television. "Patience" is being played on a radio elsewhere as she is trying to drown out the sound of her parents fighting with as much noise as possible. It is logical that she would turn on both her television and radio in order to do this, the stereo being louder than the television.

Continuity mistake: When Nick Nolte confronts his daughter in her bedroom about meeting with Robert De Niro, as the camera angle switches from Nolte's face to his daughter's face, his hand over her mouth changes positions.

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Max Cady: You ready to be born again, Miss Bowden?

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Question: So how exactly did Max Cady slip past Kersec's security system and get into the house? Did he kill the maid outside and then just walk in disguised as her?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: He snuck in during the day and hid, before Kersec's teddy bear security system was set up. Sam Bowden realises this when he wakes from a nightmare. Its how he was able to poison the dog which hadnt been let outside. Max Cady killed the maid in the pantry with the same piano wire he later attacks Kersec with.

Answer: Kersec suspected that Cady might attempt to break into the Bowden house if he thought it was empty. His plan was for Cady to break in and then be shot dead as an intruder. He likely lessened the security to allow Cady to break in. Cady killed and then impersonated the housekeeper to get in.

raywest Premium member

I like your answer but I'm a little confused by the "lessened the security" part. If I'm not mistaken, every possible point of entry into the house at least from the ground floor was connected to the bear via the fishing line, so Kersec would know if a point of entry was disturbed by the bear moving. Where would Kersec lessen the security from that standpoint, especially since his setup was supposed to be foolproof?

Phaneron Premium member

Kersec wanted Cady to be able to break in so that there would be a plausible reason to shoot him dead. The idea is to make it look like his death was a result of self defense. I'm only speculating that Kersec made it easier for Cady to break in into the house. Being as it was his security system, he would know how to make it possible for Cady to get in.

raywest Premium member

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