The Care Bears Movie

Other mistake: During the climactic moment when they're defeating the book, Jason shoves the key into the lock, sealing the evil within. However, he shoves the key into the lock upside down.

Other mistake: In the Forest of Feelings where Kim, Jason, Secret Bear and Friend Bear are clinging to the tree branch, they see Braveheart Lion climbing up the side. But notice that when he takes a second step with his left foot, it lands on one of the tree's roots down below instead of something higher up like another branch - which is obviously the best way to scale a tree towards the top. (00:27:35)


Other mistake: When the evil spirit tells Nicholas to undo the book's lock, notice how the key he pulls from the lock is bigger than the hole it comes out of. (00:16:05)


Other mistake: When Nicholas is getting ready to lug the magic trunk, notice how the 'Joe's Antiques' truck is parked alongside him. But as the truck starts up and pulls away, exhaust fumes blow towards Nicholas as though he were behind the truck. (00:07:00)


Other mistake: During the Care Bear Cousin inauguration, Bright Heart Raccoon's tummy symbol appears intermittently stenciled on his tummy a few moments before he officially receives one from Tenderheart. (01:07:45)


Other mistake: As the cloud clipper nears a waterfall, Tenderheart orders the other Care Bears on deck. Here they use "stares" to recreate the images on their tummies, forming a balloon that floats everyone to safety. Notice there are eight bears huddled together. When Tenderheart gives the cue, only seven images rise to the top of the mast. It turns out that Champ Bear's trophy is missing. (00:43:55)


Other mistake: When the cloud clipper runs aground to greet the remaining Care Bear Cousins, Tenderheart slides to shore over a translucent rainbow bridge to have an exchange with Kim and Jason. Just as he says "I know exactly what you mean," the camera pans left and Love-a-Lot Bear is visible near the bridge missing her figure from the neck down. (00:47:30)


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Continuity mistake: When the evil spell takes over the tree in the Forest of Feelings, Brave Heart Lion has his symbol on his belly in the shot as Swift Heart rabbit is coming to the rescue. They don't get their symbols until the end of the movie. (00:41:05)

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Swift Heart Rabbit: That's the most unfriendly tree I've ever seen.

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Trivia: The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.

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