The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The family try to get their Grandpa to kill Stretch (in much the same manner they did with Sally in the first movie), but Lefty shows up and wounds Drayton with a chainsaw. Stretch flees, followed by Choptop, while Leatherface and Lefty duel with chainsaws. Drayton (hiding under a table) pulls out a grenade, and Lefty drives his chainsaw through Leatherface. Grandpa then tries to throw the hammer at Lefty, but hits Leatherface instead, who drops his chainsaw on Drayton, causing him to drop the grenade. Because the gas main had been ruptured earlier, the explosion destroys the theme park and (presumably) kills Lefty, Leatherface, Drayton and Grandpa. Stretch finds Grandpa's dead wife, and gets a chainsaw off the corpse. She then attacks Choptop, who falls off a cliff and into a pipe. The movie ends with her spinning her chainsaw in the same way Leatherface did at the end of TCM1.

Chris $

Revealing mistake: A sign's wooden support gets shot at the beginning, but you can see where the pre-prepared weak point is in the support before it gets "shot."

James Ollier
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Drayton: The small bussinessman... always, always, always gets it in the ass.

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