Force 10 from Navarone

Force 10 from Navarone (1978)

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Corrected entry: When Mariza shoots the German escort with her MP 40, there would have been an equal chance to hit the guys she was supposed to help; a weapon fired on full automatic would hardly miss any unintentional targets in a tight-knit group, no matter how good a shot you are.

Correction: If you watch closesly, you'll notice Harrison Ford and Robert Shaw are on their knees as they dig the hole, also Harrison Ford's character (Barnsby) rolls over onto his back and swing up at the guards with his shovel. While automatic weapons are hard to control, they start to kick upwards as they are fired. To hit either two characters as she traversed the group of guards who were standing, she would have had to make an effort to keep the barrel level, let alone in order to lower her point of aim while firing to hit the characters.

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In one of the river flooding scenes after the dam bursts, you can see a modern day vehicle (most likely a pickup truck) for a few seconds on a highway next to the river.



The Chetniks were not one coherent group, as portrayed in the movie. There were in fact two opposing fractions: the first fought alongside the partisans, the others - founded by Kosta Pecanac (the featured group) cooperated with the Germans. Despite their public enmity, though, they still maintained good relations with each other, one of the facts which led to great confusion about the Chetniks among the Allies - probably the reason why they are portrayed here solely as 'bad guys'.