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The Good Son (1993)

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Corrected entry: After Macaulay drops the "highway man" a large wreck ensues. When he and Elijah get home their is coverage of the wreck that appears on the news. In this coverage there is no mention of the dummy being thrown from the bridge as the cause of the accident.


Correction: Exactly. The "news" only reports what has been made public. Surely after an accident of this magnitude, there would have been a police investigation. Police do not regularly give all information out via the news, as it would compromise the ongoing investigation. Of course they may not even know a dummy was involved at that point.


Correction: I looked and yes that actually looks as much like Henry as you're going to get from that distance.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the three kids are playing hide and go seek, the lights are thrown off by the main switch. However, when they run into one of the rooms there is a digital clock displaying the time.

Correction: There is a place for batteries under most digital clocks, specifically for when there is a power failure.

Corrected entry: In the cliff scene, Susan says, "Hold on Edward!" Her son's name is Henry and her nephew's name is Mark. (01:20:00)

Correction: She's grunting, but she definitely says "hold on, Henry." She also says "hang on to me."


Corrected entry: At the end, when Mark is locked in the room, he doesn't have his jacket on. After he breaks the glass and his uncle and the doctor run in he's in such a hurry to run out of the house before they get him. When we see Mark outside he has his jacket on. There was no way he could have had time to stop, get his jacket, and put it on.


Correction: This was explained in a deleted scene. His coat was lying somewhere and he ran, picked it up and put it on while running.

Audio problem: When the kids are playing hide and go seek and Henry scares Connie, her scream is dubbed in too early. It happens before the shot changes so when you first hear her scream, her mouth isn't moving.


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Trivia: The photo of Henry's dead brother Richard, is that of Macaulay Culkin's other real life sibling Rory (seen in the movie Signs). Looks like Dad was trying to rope in the whole family.

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Question: Why would Henry do so many evil things to his own family?

Answer: Henry apparently has what is called a "conduct disorder" - the term used for kids below the age of 18 engaging in what would be (and most likely will become) a diagnosis of sociopathy/psychopathy (antisocial personality disorder) when he becomes an adult. He is "evil", highly manipulative, self-centered, without remorse or other true feelings, and probably incapable of forming loving or long-term attachments. Many sociopaths are believed to have above average intelligence and make good imposters, capable of fooling others because they come across as "charming."


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