Bubble Boy

Jimmy (Jake Gyllenhaal) stops Chloe's wedding. He then gets out of his bubble suit, saying one minute of holding her is better than eternity of not doing it. He then collapses to the floor. All the people he met burst into the church. They see he has 'died'. Then Mr Livingston tells Mrs Livingston to tell Jimmy the truth. She then tells him he's not dead and has had immunities since the age of four. He then gets up and kisses Chloe. They then run out of the church, revealing Jimmy has no trousers on, only kid-style underpants. Then we go to the wedding scene for Jimmy and Chloe. They see everyone in the film. They then get into the wedding car, only to see Pappy and Pippy have made up, with Poonani in the car. The car then drives off, with the vulture chasing it, seen earlier in the film.


Revealing mistake: You can see the rigging that is used to lift the bus off the ground to allow it to do the side skid. (01:07:56)

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Jimmy: Supper time was the best! Nothing could beat Mom's homemade, vitamin-rich, soy-based, germ-free, fat-free fiber cookies.

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Trivia: During the audio commentary, Jake Gyllenhaal actually spots some continuity mistakes, and points them out. The director then proceeds by telling him he's not doing the film any justice.

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