The Swarm

Revealing mistake: When Katharine Ross pronounces the child dead in the hospital, she pulls a blanket over the child. The kid moves and flutters his eyes.

Tricia Webster Premium member

Revealing mistake: When we see the bees flying off the trash cans and on their way to Marysville, you can see it is simply reversed footage.

Revealing mistake: If you look carefully when Paul's father is killed by the bees at the picnic site, you can see he is breathing as his belly is expanding.

Revealing mistake: When the bees attack the train during the evacuation scene, a guard falls backwards and his arm hits a lever. You can see that the 'bees' in this scene are just colored pellets.

Revealing mistake: When Felix puts down his cup of coffee whilst speaking to Mr Harris in the cafe, you can see his cup is empty.

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