The Great Mouse Detective

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dr. Dawson and Olivia are seeking Basil's help at his house, Basil sits down and starts playing the violin, holding it in his right hand and having the bow in his left. When Basil the stands up in another shot, he is holding the violin in his left hand (like it's supposed to be) and the bow in his left.

Continuity mistake: When Professor Ratigan first climbs in his hot air balloon, it is a bright pink. Later, when Basil is chasing him through the sky in his home-made balloon, Ratigan's hot air balloon is a very dark burgundy.

Continuity mistake: When Ratigan taps on the bottle that Olivia is in, Mr. Flaversham has a bandana around his mouth, but in a close-up and when Ratigan moves his head, the bandana has completely vanished.

Continuity mistake: During the "World's Greatest Criminal Mind" song, when "Even meaner? You mean it?" is being sung, the second mouse along has his hat change its shade of purple a few times.

Continuity mistake: During the "World's Greatest Criminal Mind" song, Ratigan is picked up by 6 others, but when he spreads out in the next shot he has 16 people carrying him.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Professor Ratigan and Mr. Flavasham are in the dungeon, the robot pours the tea into the cup. During the next shot it completely vanishes. Then a couple of minutes later, the robot puts sugar into the cup where the tea was. The tea is still gone but it makes a sloshing sound.

Continuity mistake: When Fidget gives Olivia back to her father you can see his right foot being the real one and his left being the peg legged one but when Fidget is shoving Olivia into the bottle in the next scene his right foot is the fake and his left foot is the real one.

Stephanie Amber Garza

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