Braindead (1992)

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Corrected entry: Braindead has been recorded as the bloodiest film ever, literally. About 600 gallons of fake blood was used during the production.

Correction: There is one film having more fake blood ("Nightmare on friday the 13.", with ca 1200L blood).

Corrected entry: When the zombies pop out of the basement floor, doesn't it look like a really bad KISS show? Especialy when the thug zombie pops out.

Correction: This hardly qualifies as trivia.

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Pequita: Your mother ate my dog!
Lionel: Not all of it.



As the Thug Zombie is on top of the lawnmower and is getting hacked to bits, his body parts don't fly off. E.g. his arms would've flow out everywhere when the blade reached his shoulders, and the same goes for his head.



Director Peter Jackson makes a cameo appearance as the Mortuary Director's Assistant when Lionel's mom is being filled with embalming fluid. Whilst the fluid gushes out of Mum, Jackson grabs the sandwich he left beside the corpse and takes a bite. Doesn't he look odd without his beard?