Cecil B. DeMented
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Petie: Tell me about Mel Gibson's dick and balls.

Sniffles: Nobody here but us whackers.

Dinah: Hey! We're not union! And we're takin' over this movie.

Honey: How can you be a drug addict in the new millennium? It's so retro.
Lyle: Before I was a drug addict, I had so many different problems. Now I just have one - drugs! Gave my life a real focus.

Honey: I fucking hate Forrest Gump.

Cecil: I am Cecil B. Demented! And this is a fucking kidnapping.

Cecil: Demented forever.

Cecil: I'm Cecil B. Demented, and you're in my movie. Do not look into the lens and ruin the shot or you will be shot.

Honey: Family is just a dirty word for censorship.

Cecil: Death to mainstream cinema.

Raven: Pain is pleasure! Slavery is freedom! Suicide for Satan.

Honey: Raven, you know, you're a really pretty girl. You could escape from all of this madness.
Raven: Escape to what, Honey? I mean, my father is Zo-Zo, the three headed guard dog at the gate to hell.
Honey: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Honey: I am ready for my close-up, Mr. Demented.

Cecil: There are no rules in underground cinema, only edges.

Honey: No! Please let me go! I promise I won't tell anyone about your little movie.
Cecil: Little?
Honey: I didn't mean, you know, little. I meant, you know, low-budget... ly cult.

Cecil: No one gets laid until we've finished our movie. We're horny, but our film comes first.

Cecil: I'm a prophet against profit.

Cecil: Action Fans! Help us.

Cecil: Celibacy for celluloid.

Cherish: All my directors fuck me.
Cecil: I am not all your directors! I am Cecil B. Demented.

Other mistake: When Honey Whitlock throws a grenade during the shoot at the Baltimore Film Commission meeting, you see the explosion before the grenade actually falls all the way behind the wall that the explosion supposedly comes from. I think the pyrotechnics guys let the explosion off a little early.

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Trivia: Patty Hearst plays Figit's mother which is interesting because the film follows a Patty Hearst kind of situation. A woman is taken hostage by rebels and after a while she joins them. Patty Hearst is a good friend of John Waters.

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