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Corrected entry: When number 5's being chased by Number 1, 2 and 3, number 5 reprograms them. All well and good, and at the end of the film the businessman scientist says 'many years of research are lost'. But whatever happened to Number 4?

Correction: This is not a plot hole. Howard ("the scientist") is referring to what has been going on with Number 5, not the loss of the robots. They would have the blueprints and production facilities to build more.

Corrected entry: When Stephanie is trying to stop Johnny from wrecking her house, she finds the TV remote and turns the TV on to distract Johnny. We get a close up shot of Johnny's head as he sees the TV for the first time and his remote control attachment is up, but when the view cuts to a wide shot of Johnny and Stephanie looking at the TV, the remote control attachment is down. (00:43:50)


Correction: When Johnny's attachment pops up, we then get a shot of just the TV and Stephanie, and when the shot changes again the attachment has gone. He had time to retract the attachment in this time.

Dave Woollin

Corrected entry: When Stephanie is talking to Ben and Newton, she tells them that Number 5 believes he is alive and then instantly points to a monitor in the van without looking into the van prior to this. How did she know a monitor was there, and that it would be displaying "Number 5 Alive" so she could prove her point? (00:46:00)


Correction: Stephanie could see the monitor quite clearly from where she was standing. The monitor was mounted on/in the dash of the van and would be clearly visible from somebody standing outside the car. Plus it was beeping and making noise which drew her attention to it even if she was not originally looking at it.


Corrected entry: After Number 5 escapes, Ben and some security guards enter the showroom to tell Howard. One of the Nova guards is smiling quite a bit, almost laughing, like everything is perfectly fine. But he knows that the company has just lost a robot worth $22 million and it is armed and could kill anyone at any moment. Would you be smiling? (00:13:55)


Correction: The guard is smiling and laughing nervously, overcompensating for the fact that there is serious danger, wanting to make the reception guests think that everything is fine.

Corrected entry: Johnny watches the sunrise and we can see it too in a shot all own its on. But for the rest of the scenes that follow, the sky is nowhere near the colour we saw in the sunrise shot. (00:35:25)


Correction: The supposed sunrise is actually a sunset. The bridge in the shot crosses the Columbia River between Astoria, Oregon and southern Washington near Cape Disappointment. The highest part of that bridge is on the southern side over the shipping channel. Johnny is looking West towards the Pacific Ocean.

Corrected entry: When Number 5 escapes and Howard and Scroter are talking, Scrooter specifically mentions that his wife is cooking a steak for him and it will be ruined when he gets home because he has to stay and sort out the Number 5 situation. A few moments later, Newton walks in, and soon after doing a few things on computer, he comments, "Don't worry Scroter, you won't miss your meal...". Newton was not in the room at the time Scroter complained about missing his meal, so how could Newton say this?

Correction: Probably the "I'm going to miss my steak/dinner" is his complaint every time he has to stay late. Newton is expecting him to say it and teasing him.

Grumpy Scot

Visible crew/equipment: When Newton is playing with the robot arm and the piano you can clearly see wires attached to the top of it controlled by the puppeteers.

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Number 5: Number 5 stupid name. Want to be Kevin or Dave. Or Johnny. Yeah. Johnny 5.

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Trivia: When NOVA catches up with Johnny and the army-men are firing on him, listen to the noise that is made when Johnny fires his laser. It's EXACTLY the same noise as used in Ghostbusters when they fire up their proton packs. Were Ghostbusters' packs made by NOVA?

Dave Woollin

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Question: Why was the robot who comes to life called "Number 5" when it seemed like there were only three others like him? Shouldn't he have been called "Number 4"?

Answer: There were always 5. You see the 5 during the demonstration. Then, before the lightning hits, we see 4 of them in line, but number 5 was still attached to the generator and not in line. When they go inside, there's a weird cut that makes it look like only 3 made the turn, but if you watch closely you can see there's 4 followed by number 5.


Answer: OK then...what ever happened to Number 4? Why does the Army only send numbers 1-3 to get Number 5 back?

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