Best Men

Best Men (1997)

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Sol Jacobs cuts a deal with Agent Hoover, who wants Hamlet aka Billy Phillips in exchange for a bus. Billy reveals to his Sheriff dad Bud that he turned to crime because his old man blamed him for the loss of his wife, and he quotes Hamlet as the title character wanted a father, who was a man not a ghost. Nam Hostage Lt. John G. Coleman hands over a medal to fellow Green Beret (and closet gay)Sergeant Buzz Thomas. Saul decides to take Billy's place and stay behind, only to be gunned down by snipers. During the ensuring escape Lt. John G. Coleman shows up in a helicopter to airlift Hope and Jesse Reilly to safety, Billy tries to join them but police gunfire prevents him from getting on board, so he chucks his money up to Jesse. The hostages are then set free before Billy & Buzz (who by the way is an ace marksman) reach a police blockade where they are fired upon and flip over, both go down shooting with Buzz managing to gun down Hoover before sucumbing to his bullet wounds. Hope and Jesse are last seen raising their son who've they have named after conselor Sol. It is unclear whether or not Teddy Pollack who was shot earlier on and taken away in an ambulance...died or not from his gun shots.

The Vet: A uniform does not make a soldier. A soldier is someone who is willing to stand up and fight for what he believes in. Be it his God, his country or his friends. And it does not matter if you are black, white, red, yellow, male, female, straight or gay. We all bleed the same.

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Trivia: The bus that Dean Cain drives is the exact same bus that was in Speed. Its the same style, type, and even has the same number 2525 on it.


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