Fierce Creatures

Fierce Creatures (1997)

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Continuity mistake: When Rollo is standing next to the lemur cage and waves at the approaching Willa he raises his right arm, but when the camera angle changes we see him lowering his left arm.



Continuity mistake: When the gorilla comes out of the cage and confronts Willa, she has a basket containing several bunches of bananas, all yellow. After the encounter, the gorilla reaches out and takes a bunch of the bananas, but they are green.

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Continuity mistake: When Rollo and Willa check the computer for evidence of Vince's thievery Willa takes some papers from the bookshelf with her right hand. When Rollo reaches back for the papers without turning around he inadvertently cups her breast. When the camera zooms wide the papers appear in Willa's left hand.



Revealing mistake: Near the beginning of the movie, when all the zookeepers are being 'savaged' by bandicoots and chipmunks, a woman falls down and really hurts herself. Later in this scene, the woman is dropped from her stretcher, except before she is dropped, there is no-one holding on to the end of the stretcher nearest to us.

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Continuity mistake: The end of Vince's bandana hangs in front or on the back in alternating shots when he talks to Rollo after the champagne event at the gorilla enclosure.



Continuity mistake: When Vince storms into the shed where his father lies he knocks a spade from a rack. In the next shot the spade is back in place.



Audio problem: When Vince is yelling, "He's talking to himself, and I'm the loony?" the second shot has him saying something else, possibly the first part of the line again.

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Continuity mistake: Willa is standing at a model of zoo in her office from which she picks up a paper with a spreadsheet. When Vince comes in, the camera angle changes and she is holding a paper with a zoo map, which was lying on the model in the previous shot.



Plot hole: The animal keepers take some tame animals to Rollo's office carrying them in their arms. When they leave the animals behind so that Rollo can shoot them they put them into cages. They didn't bring any cages with them nor were any already in the office when they came in.



Revealing mistake: When Vince tells Rod, 'I am not a wuss', Rollo, who's in the background, also mouths the line.

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Continuity mistake: At the end when Willa and Rollo 'mourn' Rod they are kneeling down and holding hands. When the camera angle changes their hands are rested on the deceased's body.



Continuity mistake: When Vince and Willa celebrate their takeover of the zoo at the gorilla enclosure, the foam on his champagne settles way too fast, and when he drinks there's more champagne in the glass than he had poured.



Revealing mistake: When the tarantula escapes through the wardrobe door you can see the strings it's attached to.



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