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Corrected entry: Just after they have finished meeting Diego, Manny says to Sid, "Okay I'll help you return him, but promise me you'll leave me alone after that" and Sid says "Ok ok deal", but as he says "deal" the shot changes and they are further apart then they were before. (00:21:30)

Correction: Since we can't see their feet in the first shot, it is impossible to tell how far apart they are. Their relative size would depend entirely on the position of the camera and type of lens used.

Correction: Manny and Sid (with Roshan) aren't further apart to me.

Corrected entry: At the start of the movie, when the pig-type creatures are playing "Extinction", one of them dips his trunk in the mud. In the next shot of him, the mud has disappeared. (00:04:05)

Correction: We see the mud sliding off of their skin immediately during this sequence.

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Correction: There's no such thing as "a scrat" even in the film, Scrat is a character name. He is a prehistoric squirrel.

Corrected entry: When the group go through the ice cavern, they walk past a frozen UFO. If you watch the child closely, you can see he forms a 'V' with his fingers. This is the Vulcan hand sign, from Star Trek, which means 'live long and prosper'.

Correction: While this is true, it isn't really trivia. It's more of an in-joke that most viewers probably figured out for themselves.


Corrected entry: John Leguizamo tried a variety of different talking styles for Sid; after seeing a model of what Sid was going to look like, he came up with the lisp.

Correction: This isn't how John Leguizamo came up with Sid's lisp. According to the Bonus Features in the DVD, John Leguizamo says he found Sid's voice by accident by trying to talk to somebody with crackers in his mouth. He realized that is was the perfect voice for Sid and called Chris Wedge, crackers still in mouth.

Corrected entry: In the opening sequence, where the crack in the ice is snaking along, it goes up the cliff, then along a huge plateau, then up another cliff, which starts to fall. How did that falling cliff get to Scrat over that huge plateau so quickly?

Correction: It didn't, so to speak. The whole plateau fell, not just the cliff on top of it.

Corrected entry: Diego is referred to throughout the movie as a tiger, but there was no such animal as a sabre tooth tiger. Diego is a Smilodon, a sabre tooth cat.

Correction: Saber-tooth cat is what we call it. My guess is that the other animals, being afraid of them, would call it a tiger and not a cat.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Manny and Sid reunite the baby with his father, the father outstretches his arms so that the baby can walk towards him. However, the father shouldn't know that the baby is able to walk, because the baby learned to walk for the first time in Manny and Sid's care.

Correction: Sorry, but that's wrong. The mother was showing the father that the baby was taken some steps the night before the sabers came.

Corrected entry: When Sid is impressing the female sloths. Why are they there? Shouldn't they be migrating? (00:35:12)

Correction: Well, in this movie Sloths are shown to be stupid. So maybe these Sloths are migrating the wrong way too, or completely forgot to Migrate.

Corrected entry: When Sid finally gets the melon from the Dodos and he's flying through the air towards the rest of his gang, the baby has his mouth wide open. Then, a split second later in the next shot (which was a continuity shot with no intended break) the baby's mouth is firmly shut. (00:30:40)

Correction: The baby wanted to have a melon, and when Sid was jumping over the dodos, the baby was closing his mouth and eyes because he couldn't watch.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sid creates fire and all four characters settle down to sleep, Scrat appears and roasts his acorn over the fire but it pops into popcorn, yet at the end of the movie when he is trapped inside the block of ice, his acorn is still intact.

Correction: who says that's the same acorn as the one that popped? He probably had time to find another one before he froze.

Corrected entry: When Sid grabs the last watermelon from the dodos, the baby is firm in Manny's trunk. So when Sid breaks the watermelon on the ground, the baby couldn't possibly get there in a second, have time to eat a slice, and have stains all over his mouth. (00:31:04)

Correction: Actually, when Sid breaks the melon, it shows Diego, Manny and the baby. Manny then lowers his trunk, just when Deigo tells Sid that they have to find more food. This means the baby was then free to go over to the melon. You say that he wouldn't of got over there in a second and have stains on his mouth, but whenever the "tower of dodo's" runs past you can see that the baby and the other mammals are all close together which means that it wouldn't have taken long for the baby to get to Sid and the melon..

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, we see the little boy's father laying a necklace on what appears to be a makeshift grave for him, as the father thinks the little boy is dead. Why don't we see another makeshift grave for the man's wife, who really is dead? Did he forget about her? If he did make one for her, but was somewhere else, then why didn't he put the two beside each other, instead of them having separate graves?


Correction: It isn't necessarily a makeshift grave, he's just laying down the necklace in the snow to show that he's given up his search for his son.

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Corrected entry: When Sid gets out of the hot mud he's all dirty, but on the next scene he's all clean and dry.

Correction: when Sid is running after Manny and the baby, you can actualy see the mud coming of sid as he runs (the same happens with the baby, the mud comes off him too whenever Manny takes him off Sid, when Sid's about to walk off with him).

Corrected entry: When the two glaciers hit each other and you see Scrat flying away, you see the two glaciers together are perfectly aligned with a crack going up the middle, the crack is very jagged and the sides of both the glaciers were straight before.

Correction: The side of the glaciers are jagged because they smashed into each other causing snow and ice to fall....which means the sides wouldnt be straight.

Corrected entry: One of the tigers says that mammoths never travel alone when in fact adult grown males always travelled alone. (00:24:30)

Correction: This is only a theory based on modern day elephants. Also, a scrat is not a real animal. The entire movie is a work of fiction, some license may be taken.

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Corrected entry: After Manny is thrown off the block of ice after the river of lava and is lying on his belly, Sid walks over to him and asks him how he is. Manny replies that Sid is standing on his trunk. However, in the previous shot when Sid walked over he didn't step on the trunk.

Correction: Sid does step on Manny's trunk when he walks over to him. We first see him run over and stop right by Manny. Then right before the shot changes to a close-up, Sid takes one more step right onto Manny's trunk.


Plot hole: In the Ice Tunnel scene, Manny, Sid, and Diego come to a stop on the vertical block of ice. It breaks, and they slide through a 'field' of icicles sticking out of the ground. Their 'sled' is shaved down to nothing, indicating that the icicles are sharp. After going through the same tunnel as the baby, how did the baby make it through that field? (00:46:53)

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Suggested correction: A possible reason for the sled slowing down is not due to the ice tunnel but the sheer several tons of weight the sled had on it while it was sliding through the tunnel.

Good point. Without the weight, the icicles would had slowed down the sled instead. And since the baby hardly weighs anything at all, it wouldn't have been able to slide through the field, it would've just collided with the front icicles and stayed there. But it still leads back to question of how the baby got through the field.


Not true, their "sled" is destroyed by the icicles.

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Diego: Are you calling me a liar?
Sid: I didn't say that.
Diego: You were thinking it.
Sid: [whispering to Manny.] I don't like this cat. He reads minds.

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Trivia: Chris Wedge, the director of Ice Age, voiced one of the Dodos and also Scrat the little squirrel at the beginning of the movie.

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Question: The end of the movie shows Scrat and his acorn frozen in and eventually thawed from a block of ice 20,000 years later. How did he come back for the sequels?

Answer: The sequels take place before he was frozen.


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