Factual error: During the Weapon show Eddie Murphy is shot at by the bad guy with a big gun. He hides behind a pile of sand bags. At the end of the movie the same guy shoots into the ceiling, with the same gun, and we can see that the bullets go through the ceiling making huge holes. How is it possible that the bullets go through a ceiling made of concrete, but not through a row of sand bags?

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Factual error: At the scene at the top floor of the apartment building, the roof gets shot about 5 times. There is a pool overhead. But the water takes about 45 seconds to start falling.

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Factual error: At the end of the movie when they put a gun in the Canon GL-1 Camera, it fits where the MiniDV tape belongs. This is impossible. The gun is too big for the camera and can't fit inside the tape deck.

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At the beginning of the movie, Eddie Murphy's character is trying out for the cop show. While arguing with the man trying out as chief, Eddie Murphy slams his hands on the table. When he does this, and throughout the scene, his gun holster and shoulder straps are clearly visible. But after he slams his hands down, and the camera cuts to the directors of the show and then back to Eddie, the holster is gone. The camera then cuts back to the directors and then to Eddie a second time, and the holster is back.