Death Wish II

Other mistake: After Kersey kills Wilson at the hospital he falls down at the wrong angle, because his arm was stuck in the electrical panel and he should fall with the arm inside the machine.


Other mistake: Towards the end when Kersey kills the 4 mugs at the park, he shoots the guy in the car then the car falls down off the cliff and explodes with no reason.


Other mistake: Towards the end of the movie when Paul Kersey goes into the doctors' locker room to steal an ID tag, he checks several lockers to see if they will open. All the lockers that he tries are unfortunately locked. The problem is there are no locks on any of the lockers. (01:13:55)


Continuity mistake: In the scene when Paul Kersey meets Geri at the rooftop Japanese restaurant, he drinks from his glass of Dom Perignon and puts his glass down on the table. When the scene changes he is again putting his glass down.

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