A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Trivia: During Joey's nightmare, he is seduced by a topless nurse who then captures him before turning into Freddy. As originally conceived, only her face was going to transform at first, thus having Freddy's burnt male head on top of an otherwise perfect topless female body in order to create an eerie, otherworldly look. The actress portraying the nurse even took part in some test shots and performed the scene under heavy prosthetics to make her face look exactly like Freddy's. However, the effect was cut as the crew felt it looked far too weird, and that it diminished the moment when Freddy fully appears on-camera in the scene.

Trivia: One of the best bargains that they got on an effect was when Kristen enters the nightmare house and sees a roasted pig that starts barking at her. The special effects guys were coming up with $300,000 estimates for how much a prosthetic pig would cost to build and animate; they could not afford that. Finally they got 2 REAL roasted pigs. One was decorated to look like it was ready to eat, and the other was made to look demonic. A crew member, who lost a coin toss, got under the table and stick his hand up into this dead pig to make it work. Glad it wasn't me...

Trivia: When Jennifer is killed by having her head smashed into the TV-screen, Freddy was scripted as saying "This is it, Jennifer! Your big break on TV!" The scene was shot with that line for several takes. However, during another take, Robert England (Freddy) decided to improvise another line, and said "Welcome to primetime, bitch!" Director Chuck Russell loved both lines so much, he couldn't decide which to use in the film, so he ended up using both.

Trivia: At the very end of the first film, when Nancy is in the car with all of her friends the car goes driving off without their control. This is the same car that we see in this movie. It is the car in the junkyard that has Freddy's bones in it.


Trivia: The actor who portrayed Kincaid (Ken Sagoes) got the role through a very unconventional audition. He wasn't originally interested in the part (in part because the script described the character as looking much different than he did, making him feel as though he'd never get the part), but agreed to audition after his agent pestered him repeatedly to try out for the role. He was forced to run through a severe rainstorm to catch a bus to the audition, leaving him absolutely soaked. He then had to wait for hours before he could audition due to the audition call running late. When he finally was called in, he was incredibly annoyed, very uncomfortable due to still being quite wet from the rainstorm, and in a very bad mood. Director Chuck Russell told him to "do whatever he wanted" for the audition, so Sagoes decided to express how angry he was- by screaming, swearing at and insulting Russell... For real. Russell was so surprised by his honesty and his emotions, that he immediately hired Sagoes.

Trivia: The giant "Freddy Snake" that attempts to eat Kristen was originally given a flesh-like color, in order more closely resemble Freddy's burnt skin-tone. When the finished puppet was presented to director Chuck Russell and the producers, they evidently burst out laughing. Russell then explained to the effects crew that the flesh-tone made the creature resemble a giant penis. Set-painters were called in to quickly re-paint the puppet and cover it with slime to give it the grungier blue/green color featured in the finished film, so it would appear somewhat less phallic on-screen.

Trivia: During the opening of the film, Kristen is seen carrying a young child that turns into a skeleton in her arms during a nightmare. Originally, instead of turning into a skeleton, the girl was meant to turn into an incredibly emaciated, shriveled, mummified version of herself, loosely inspired by pictures of Concentration Camp survivors and victims from the Holocaust. The special effects team spent several months constructing a fully articulated and functional puppet of the original design. When it was finally presented to director Chuck Russell, he found it so disturbing that he refused to use it in the film. As a result, the special effects team had to scramble at the last minute to make the substitute skeleton seen in the film. One of the effects artists claimed the skeleton was glued together and painted in about 10 minutes due to a lack of time.

Continuity mistake: During the opening credits, Kristen is making a Papier-mâché house, and in the process, her hands become covered in mixture. However suddenly both her hands are completely clean. (00:02:10)

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Question: I saw this movie for the first time in years the other night, and I did not remember that Nancy was killed in this one. Is this the last nightmare film that she was in (other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names)?

Answer: Technically she was also in New Nightmare, both as the "Nancy" character and as the actress Heather in various scenes.

Technically the author said other than the one where Freddy came to the real world and everybody played real names. So therefore the 1st answer was accurate.


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