A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Sister Mary tells Neil that Freddy's remains need to be put into the ground. Nancy and Neil find Donald, Nancy's dad, and Nancy tries to convice Donald to help get rid of Freddy. Donald says he will not do it, but Neil talks him into it. Neil stops at a church and gets some holy water and steals a crucifix. Nancy, Kristen, Kincaid, Will, and Taryn make their final stand against Freddy. Freddy kills Taryn first by giving her a huge amount of herions from his fingers. Next Will becomes the Wizrd Master, but is killed by Freddy as well. Neil and Donald get to the area where Freddy's remains are kept. When Neil and Donald grab the remains, Freddy takes over his remains and kills Donald by throwing him into the back of a car, and knockout Neil. When Freddy goes back to the Dream World, Kincaid gets through the traps and meets up with the other. Joey screams and talks for the first time in the movie when the other are trying to be pullled through the mirrors. Donald tells Nancy that he has crossed over, who turns out to be Freddy and stabs Nancy. Nancy then causes Freddy to stab himself with his own glove.Neil wakes up puts the bones in a grave and splashes holy water and his bones and then puts the crucifix on his skull, which defeats Freddy, and causes his to disappear. Nancy dies from her injuries and at the funeral, Neil sees Sister Mary and wants to thank her, but she disappears. Neil finds a grave that has Amanda Krueger and Mary Helena, learning that Mary was Freddy's mother.

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