Continuity mistake: When the young Vercingétorix arrives at Gergovia and tells his uncle that he is returning the horse, the blankets on the horse's back change position between shots. (00:04:00)


Continuity mistake: When Vercingétorix is at Avaricum, saying he needs to burn it to prevent the Romans getting the supplies, at one point the people behind him all change position. (00:43:55)


Continuity mistake: When we see Caesar, in the town of Bibracte, asking why the archdruid has not been found, in some shots his robe is on his shoulder and in other shots it is not. (00:19:20)


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene 2 druids are talking to the archdruid; one is standing behind the other. In the next shot they are standing side by side. (00:02:00)


Other mistake: One of the shots of the aftermath of the battle is played in reverse - e.g. the smoke from the fires is going down. (01:41:20)

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Julius Ceasar: When Alexander the Great was ten years younger than I am today, he had conquered the entire civilized world.
Vercingetorix: At your age, he was dead.
Julius Ceasar: All the more reason to hurry.

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Trivia: "Vercingétorix" is the original French title. "Druids" is the English title.

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