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Corrected entry: In the hangar, Émilien is angry at the other policemen and pushes their beer cans and playing cards onto the ground. They are back on the table the shot later. (00:40:05)

Dr Wilson

Correction: He only gets the front right policeman's beer cans and the cards laying on the table. It's the other two policemen's cans and the cards they're holding in the next shot.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: When Petra is kidnapped, her shoes and underwear are left in the toilet. In the next scene she is in, when she is freed, she is wearing shoes and underwear. She is shown taking off the shoes before the fight scene, and we see her underwear during the fighting. (00:42:15 - 01:08:00)

Correction: When the Ninja exits the toilet passing the unconscious Emilien we see very clearly that he is carrying Petra's shoes which he presumably gives to her later. I was certainly not able to see her underwear during the fast action fight scene.


Corrected entry: When the police motorcycle are falling, one of the policemen is actually pulling them with a rope. (00:21:10)

Dr Wilson

Correction: It's not a rope and he's not pulling the bikes over. It's just the cord from his motorbike's telephone and he's ineffectually trying to pull on it to STOP the bike(s) from falling over.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Continuity mistake: When Petra is fighting the three ninjas, her thong underwear is white at the beginning of the sequence, but changes to a flesh colour during the scene. (01:08:10)

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Trivia: The producer, Luc Besson, makes a cameo appearance as the man whose boat is destroyed by the stray missile. (00:37:35)

Oliver Hunter Premium member

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