Body Double

Body Double (1984)

Ending / spoiler

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Sam is Gloria's husband and the Indian. Sam had set up Jake as a witness to Gloria's murder so that Sam would have an alibi. Holly was a double hired to dance every night because Sam knew that Jake would watch. Sam knocks out Holly and Jake sees this and follows. Holly is being buried alive and Jake also falls into the grave. As Jake is being buried alive, we suddenly see Jake "below ground" on the set of the porn film like at the beginning and unable to do the scene when he's below ground. The whole mystery was a dream Jake was having on the set of the porn film; when he confronts his claustrophobia as Sam is burying him, that's him confronting his phobia in real life (to be able to do the scene). Sam ends up falling into the water below and Jake and Holly survive. Back at the set of the film, Jake continues acting in the film and does a shower scene.

Bill Bergquist

Continuity mistake: When Sam gets into an argument with Jake's acting teacher, he is standing by a row of three empty chairs. As he leaves, he picks up a bag from the center chair. (00:14:05)

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