For Richer or Poorer

For Richer or Poorer (1997)

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Corrected entry: When the judge's robes catch on fire, Brad throws the wine to put the fire out. He uses a wine glass. But at the end of the scene when the judge storms off, Brad is now holding a martini glass with no time to switch it. (00:07:15)

Correction: It's the same wine glass. At the end the glass is tilted toward the camera so the flared side of the glass could be confused for a wide brim, but it's not.


Corrected entry: During the end credits, there are a montage of scenes from the film. There is a scene where Caroline is running to the outhouse with Anna following her. In the long shot where Caroline reaches the outhouse door, a boom mic dips into the frame considerably. It is also visible later in the credits with the long shot of Anna waiting at the door for Caroline. (01:47:30)

Correction: With this being essentially a blooper reel, its perfectly reasonable that the scenes not be perfectly edited. They are shown strictly for comedic value, not master cinematography. This could very well be the reason it didn't make it into the theatrical version.

Kimberly Mason

Other mistake: When Bob is hailing a taxi as he skips town, as the taxi gets closer you can see that the taxi is marked off-duty. (00:19:00)

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Frank Hall, IRS: How do you tell 'em apart? They all look alike to me.

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