Kelly's Heroes

Corrected entry: During the minefield shooting, Corporal Job puts himself upright after Willard is killed. Job is hit in the chest once but shows no sign of pain. Only on the second hit does he go down.

Correction: Willard was not killed in the movie.

Corrected entry: Where did they get the B.A.R and the sniper rifle, the only guns Kelly asked for were Thompsons, 2 30 cals and 2 bazookas which, by the way, we never see.

Correction: The BAR and Sniper Rifle were dedicated pieces of equipment (Gutowsky is the group's sniper, after all), and the ordered weapons were considered as back-ups. When the vehicles are mistakenly destroyed by the U.S. fighter, a lot of the gear - particularly the explosive ammo - may have been blown to pieces, too, and thus were beyond salvaging.

Corrected entry: When they approach the town of Clairmont, a German officer comes out and gets into a lengthy conversation with the tank crews about cranking up the engines for 20 minutes. It is revealed that tigers have to routinely warm their engines every few hours. If it is routine, wouldn't the officer give a simple command that the tiger crews would expect every few hours?


Correction: In German, the tank commander expresses his concern about the low fuel supply, while the officer berates him, telling him that Oberst (Colonel) Dummkopf (the intelligence officer Kelly had captured at the start of the movie) would return with enough fuel for them to go to Berlin. (Remember, that's the reason why the Oberst was in that particular area in the first place, as he said himself: 'I needed petrol for my trucks.')

Corrected entry: There are 3 German tanks (Tigers) in the French village of Clairmont. One was destroyed when Oddball hit it from behind the fence. One was destroyed from behind in the alley (the one hit with paint first). The last one was used to blow open the bank. When Oddball and his crew drove out of town with their share of the gold, they were in a German tank that they 'bought'. It had to be the one that was used to blow up the bank, since it was the only tank still operating. Yet, in the closing shot, there was tank 113 poised in the square, pointed directly at the bank. Where did the extra German tank come from?

Correction: There is no extra tank. The tanks are numbered 112, 113, and 115. Tank 112 is the first to get hit with a shell, from behind the fence. Tank 113 is the second to get hit, with paint first, then a shell. Tank 115 is the one used to blow open the doors and the one taken by Oddball. The tank seen in the closing shot is tank 112, the first to get hit, and is pointed away from the bank.

Factual error: During the scene where Clint Eastwood is trying to convince Don Rickles to join in the heist, there is a box of Almond Joy candy bars behind Don's head. They weren't introduced until 1946.

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Major General Colt: Hey, did you lose my aerial photographs?

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Trivia: Actor Richard Davalos kept his bayonet razor sharp and accidentally stabbed Telly Savalas in the arm during the scene where the squad jumps over the wall to ambush the Germans on the road, warranting bandages on Savalas' arm. In the film, Savalas kept his shirt sleeves rolled up, until he was stabbed, and then kept his sleeves rolled down to hide the bandages.

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