Time After Time

Corrected entry: In the epilogue, it reads, "H.G. Wells married Amy Robbins..." He did in fact marry Amy Robbins but not until 1895. In 1893 he was still married to Isabel Mary Wells.

Correction: The epilogue does not state that they married immediately upon their return. There may have been a delay while Wells obtained a divorce.

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Corrected entry: When Jack the Ripper and H.G. Wells play chess, the chessboard is in the wrong position. A black square is in the lower-right corner facing the opponents. According to chess rules, the board must be laid down such that there is a white square in the lower-right corner facing each opponent.

Correction: Character mistake.

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Corrected entry: Jack the Ripper enters Amy's apartment, kills her friend and severs her arm, spraying blood over all the walls and floor, yet manages to avoid getting any blood on himself.

Correction: He is a gifted surgeon, and has experience cutting up women without getting blood on himself. It's part of the mystique of Jack the Ripper that he is able to do this.

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Corrected entry: When Wells realizes that The Ripper has escaped into the future, he makes very hasty arrangements to follow the villain in the time machine. He hurriedly scrapes together what little cash he has on hand so as to depart immediately. But why does he need to be in such a hurry? Once he calculated the target date for the journey, he could've taken all the time in the world to procure as much cash as he wanted before leaving.

Correction: Because once the Ripper realized he could destroy the time machine, he could just as easily go back and kill Wells before he builds the time machine, thereby allowing the Ripper to jump wherever in time he wanted. Wells had to hurry after him in hopes that he could stop the Ripper before he figured that out.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning, H.G. Wells says that the time machine is solar powered, yet John Stevenson (Jack the Ripper) is able to work it at night. We've seen the outdoors and verified that the sky is pitch black. No sun.

Correction: It obviously has a back up battery, which is recharged by the solar generators.

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When Jack The Ripper checks his watch before confronting H.G. Wells and demanding the key, the hands point to 8:50, the ensuing chase to the museum and demise of the Ripper may have used up a half hour or so, yet the time on the wall clock indicates that it is midnight.



It seems like a mistake, but it really isn't: Director Nicholas Meyer, in his DVD audio commentary, points out that the time machine should not have stayed in London and rightfully did belong where it ended up - in a museum in San Francisco. This is plausible not because of alternate dimensions or time zones, he explains, but because the machine was crated up and shipped there by museum curators after H.G. Wells' death/disappearance.