The Crush

Continuity mistake: When Darian hits Cliff over the back with the attic pole, the brass hook disappears between strikes.

Continuity mistake: The color of Darian's underwear changes as she walks out of the bathroom.

Continuity mistake: When Nick looks out at Darian, he's wearing a checkered shirt, then when he goes out to talk to her, his shirt changes to striped.

Continuity mistake: On walking into the bedroom from the bathroom, Darian is wearing underwear, but when she removes her gown (viewed from the closet), it has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Darian hits Nick with the pole, she smashes a vase on the table. In the close up shot there's not a candlestick on the table, but in the next shot there's a candlestick there.

Continuity mistake: When Cheyenne shows up at Nick's apartment to tell him about Darian, her hair changes back and forth, from being behind her left ear to behind her right ear, throughout the scene.

Continuity mistake: Alicia Silverstone's character in this film was changed from Darien to Adrian. However, during the party scene after Adrian gets finished playing the piano she walks over to a man who reaches for her hand and you can hear him say, "That was lovely, Darian". (00:05:25)


Continuity mistake: When we first see the wasp nest, it's in a plastic bag. When Adrian is shaking the wasps out, the nest is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Amy discovers the hive while hunting sticks, Adrian/Darien informs her that they are yellow jackets, prone to attack in swarms, but the bees Adrian/Darien introduces into Amy's darkroom are relatively docile honeybees.

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