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Corrected entry: As a former US ARMY helicopter pilot - I noticed from the opening frame that the helicopters they were using in the movie were late model HUEYs that were not available in 1965. The give-away is that all of the helicopters in the movie have 2 windows on the troop compartment door. The 2 windows reflect a change made in either the Delta ("D") or Hotel ("H") model Huey where the troop compartment was expanded for a larger payload.

Correction: They did use D-Model Hueys at LZ X-Ray. Go to www.lzxray.com for pictures taken at the time by Joe Galloway.

Factual error: Just after Lyndon Johnson announces that the air mobile units will be sent to Vietnam (1965), a dance/party scene has everybody dancing and singing 'Hold On I'm Comin' by Sam and Dave. It was a hit, but not in 1965. It was a mid/late 1966 hit, almost a year after that party. The Ia Drang Valley battle took place in November, 1965, before that song was recorded.

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Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: I can hear you laughing you know.
Julie Moore: I'm not laughing, I'm marveling.
Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: At what?
Julie Moore: That you can find stubbornness in your children and think it comes from anywhere but you.

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Trivia: After Hal Moore calls "Broken Arrow" the shots of the A6 Intruders taking off from the aircraft carrier are taken from Flight Of The Intruder.

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