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Corrected entry: When young Shakes asks Michael about Rizzo, he tells him that they "beat him until the was nothing left to beat." Years later Ceasar tells King Benny that his family was told Rizzo died of pneumonia. Wouldn't Rizzo's body have been returned to the family for the funeral? It would be hard to pass off a brutally beaten body for pneumonia. The Wilkinson Home would likely have been under investigation way back then.


Correction: They could have lied and said he was in a fight with another inmate. There are also ways to beat someone that doesn't leave marks.

Corrected entry: The character Shakes has the same last name as the writer of the book "Sleepers", last name being Carcaterra.

Correction: This is because the movie, being based on the book by Lorenzo Carcaterra, is about the author's own experience. Shakes Carcaterra is Lorenzo Carcaterra.

Continuity mistake: When young Shakes is running away from the hot dog vendor, he has the hot dogs in his hand and doesn't toss it away before he meet up with his friends, yet there is a shot in between where we can see him running with empty hands. (00:22:40)

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Shakes: This is a story about friendship which runs deeper than blood.

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Trivia: Michael Sullivan is played by two people both named Brad. Young Michael is played by Brad Renfro, adult Michael by Brad Pitt.

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Question: The boys are playing baseball and young Carol shows up in a wheelchair. Shakes says she is his sister, so why later in the film does she ask him why he never asked her out.

Answer: I believe you are confusing two characters and what person's sister. The girl in the wheelchair (can't remember her name offhand) was Hector Maldonado's sister. Hector was on the opposing stickball team. Carol (who was not in a wheelchair) was Michael's girlfriend, so Shakes saw her as "taken" and "off limits." (Shakes wouldn't steal his friend's girlfriend).


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