Blue Steel

Factual error: After the first victim they claim to have found a shell with 'Megan Turner' on it. That's not possible as we see Ron Silver fire at the victim and immediatley run away. If it had been an automatic then the gun would eject the shell, but it's a revolver, which doesn't eject shells.

Factual error: A murder is committed in another room of a house with a .44 Magnum (a Smith & Wesson Model 29, actually, like Dirty Harry's), and no one in the house hears it because it's wrapped in a towel?!?!

Factual error: Megan Turner asks if there are any other people named "Megan Turner" in New York when she is being interrogated about the bullet on her name and one of the policeman says that they have found only other one Megan Turner in New York. This is beyond laughable. There would be multiple people who are named "Megan Turner" in a city like New York.

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