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Miriam: Moses, hear what I say. I have been a slave all my life. And God has never answered my prayers until now. God saved you from the river, He saved you in all your wanderings, and even now, He saves you from the wrath of Pharaoh. God will not abandon you. So don't you abandon us.

Seti: Why do the gods torment me with such reckless, destructive, blasphemous sons?
Rameses: Father, hear what I say.
Seti: Be still! Pharaoh speaks. I seek to build an empire, and your only thought is to amuse yourselves by tearing it down! Have I taught you nothing?
Hotep: Don't be so hard on yourself, your highness. You're an excellent teacher.
Huy: It isn't your fault your sons learned nothing.
Hotep: Well, they learned blasphemy.
Huy: True.

Miriam: There can be miracles, when you believe Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill Who knows what miracles you can achieve When you believe, somehow you will You will when you believe.

Rameses: I will not be the weak link.

Jethro: When all you've got is nothing, there's a lot to go around.

Rameses: Come on, Moses, admit it. You've always looked up to me.
Moses: Yes, but it's not much of a view.

Hotep: You're playing with the big boys now.
Huy: Playing with the big boys now.
Hotep: Oh that's pretty.

Rameses: I will not be dictated to, I will not be threatened. I am the morning and evening star, I am Pharaoh.

Rameses: Tell me this Moses, tell me this: why is it that every time you start something, I'm the one who ends up in trouble?

Tzipporah: Look. Look at your people, Moses. They are free.

Rameses: And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt, such as there never has been or ever will be again.

Rameses: Tell your people from this day forward, their work load has been doubled, thanks to your God. Or is it thanks... to you?

Aaron: Miriam, do you want us flogged?

Factual error: Ramses' sphinx was established in record time. Given the time between Moses' leaving Egypt and his return, there would not have been enough time for that Sphinx to be constructed. If the movie had conveyed the 40 year span between Moses' leaving and his return, the construction of that Sphinx would have been probable.

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Suggested correction: There is nothing in the film to indicate that Moses hadn't been gone for forty years or more. He looks younger than that, but many people lived longer in those days, so Moses might look younger than he really is. It is not stated in the film how many years took place between Moses' flight from Egypt and his return, so it is impossible to say whether or not it was less than forty years.

Modern research suggests it may have taken much less than forty years to construct the Great Sphinx Of Egypt. Archaeologists have spent much time trying to establish how long it might have taken the Ancient Egyptians to build the great monuments, temples and structures of Pharaonic Egypt, considering the resources, manpower and technology available at the time. This has also been examined by modern engineers who have practical knowledge of the problems that people might have been faced with in building such incredible structures. It is uncertain if there will ever be any fully accepted consensus, but there is now general agreement that the Ancient Egyptians were highly intelligent and might have been able to build these structures in a relatively short time. The website has a webpage about the Great Sphinx, and it, quite credibly, suggests that a workforce of one hundred people could have constructed the Great Sphinx in a mere three years.

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Trivia: Moses and Rameses originally had animal sidekicks. Moses had two dogs, and Rameses had an evil cat. Though the filmmakers decided to remove the animals from the plot, the two dogs are seen in Moses's bedroom.

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Question: During the song "When you Believe" a little girl says a bunch of stuff in Hebrew. What is she saying, and what is the translation for it?

Answer: "Ashira ladonai ki gaoh gaah, Ashira ladonai ki gaoh gaah, Michamocha baelim adonai, Mikamocha nedarba kodesh, Nachitah v'chas d'cha am zu gaalta, Nachitah v'chas d'cha am zu gaalta, Ashira, ashira, ashira..." "I will sing to the lord, for He has triumphed gloriously, I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously, Who is like you, O Lord, among the Celestial? Who is like you, majestic in Holiness? In your love You lead the people You redeemed, I will sing, I will sing, I will sing..."

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