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Cowboy: Hey, pilgrim, you wanna ruin my career, I'LL show you bad.
Michael: Sorry, I gotta go. Bye.
Cowboy: Let's get the varmit.

Michael: Let her go.
Mr. Big: Shut up! Don't you talk to me. You shut up.

Young Michael: What is he wearing?
Agent: A Prince T-shirt and red sneakers.
Young Michael: Prince T-shirt?

Michael: Why are you doing this? Stop it.
Mr. Big: You wanna know why I'm doing this, do you? I just wanna get everybody high, Man. You know, some good drugs. That's all.
Michael: Do it and you're dead.
Mr. Big: Let's give her a shot of this.

Mr. Big: Remember, a younger customer always turns into a loyal customer. Remember that! Remember that.

Revealing mistake: When Michael and Spike are having a dance off, behind them the road continues. It is so obvious that the road is just a backdrop, along the road the texture and colours change at one particular point, also the sky.

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