Conan the Destroyer

Corrected entry: In the opening credit sequence, as the riders are galloping triumphantly across the mighty windswept plains of yore, you can see power lines in the background.

Correction: There's nothing to indicate power lines. In the later scene where Conan is with the group of riders, there's still no power lines, although trees in the far off background.


Corrected entry: In the icy castle of Toth-Amon, after Conan shoves aside a wall for the party to proceed on, he enters the new passageway and exhales a single breath of smoke, then no smoke henceforth. In such a cold environment, shouldn't he be breathing smoke with every breath?

Correction: It's not smoke, but vapor from the humid, warm air exhaled from a person's breath. When he entered the passageway, it's possible that the colder air from outside coming into the warmer passageway allowed a breath to be seen, but if the air inside the passageway is drier in humidity than outside, breath would not be seen.

Corrected entry: During Conan's fight with the horsemen at the beginning of the movie, watch as he punches a horse and sends it (and its rider) reeling. He took at least a full second just to get into position and draw his fist back; during that moment, why didn't the rider stab him?

Correction: If anything, a character mistake. With all the action occurring in a battle, it's easy for anyone to be distracted momentarily and not react as they should.

Corrected entry: Malak tells how his "cousin's sister's brother" dug a passageway under the waterfall to escape Shadizar. Any sibling of Malak's cousin would also be Malak's cousin (or at the least, half- or step-cousin) and entitled to the same designation.

Correction: Considering that the character of Malak is a comic sidekick, this may be his little joke to lighten the situation.

Corrected entry: In Toth-Amon's icy castle, Conan walks into the room where the jewel is being kept. A mirror then descends and blocks off the doorway from the other heroes. Instead of trying to lift it (as Bombaata did), why didn't they just smash it and follow Conan in? After all, that's exactly what they did later on after Conan defeated Toth-Amon.

Correction: Apparently the barrier was strengthened by Thoth-Amon's magic. We see only two attempts to open the mirror door. One by Bombaata (physical) and one by Akiro (second rate magic). The action shifts to Conan. We don't see every other possible attempt to open the door. After Thoth-Amon died, his magic dissipated. The formerly "unbreakable" mirror door became breakable, and the whole castle began to fall apart.

Corrected entry: If the man-ape creature Conan was fighting had a "transparent" body, i.e. weapons would just pass through it like air, then how is it that the man-ape was able to actually block Conan's first blow with its (seemingly solid) arm?

Correction: Being "transparent" to weapons doesn't mean the man-ape was completely transparent. That's why it was able not only to block Conan's first blow, but also to claw him, kick him, grab him, throw him, etc.

Corrected entry: In movie Conan the Barbarian at the funeral, Conan throws away his wheel necklace and replace it with Eye of the serpent necklace from Valeria. At the beginning of Conan the Destroyer, when he was praying, he is still wearing his old wheel necklace.

Correction: The wheel necklace Conan wears in "Destroyer" (golden wheel with solid disc) is noticeably different from the one he wears in "Barbarian" (darl bronze rimmed wheel). So, Conan apparently changed necklaces again between movies, reasonable since some time did elapse between films.

Corrected entry: How did the heroes close the big dragon mouth after crawling inside to escape the crypt guards? There did not seem to be a switch or lever inside to perform such a function, unless the mouth closed by itself, which isn't very likely.

Correction: The mouth began to close after the jewl from the ice castle, which was placed in its holder to open the mouth, was removed.

Revealing mistake: Conan and his party flee from the temple guards and escape into the crypt, closing the huge stone door behind them. A moment later, the camera shows the leader (Ferdinand Mayne) standing at the foot of the steps holding a torch. He chucks the torch out of sight to his right and begins walking towards the door. If you look closely you'll see the torch disappear nicely out of sight behind the wall as if he had "passed" it to someone standing there.

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Princess Jehnna: After we return to Shadizar, what will you do?
Conan: I'll find my kingdom, and a queen to sit beside me.
Princess Jehnna: What kingdom?
Conan: The promise I was kingdomed-no...the kingdom I was promised.

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Trivia: Most people should already know this, but Sven-Ole Thorsen (Titus of Gaul from Gladiator), who played Thorgrim (one of Thulsa Doom's henchmen) in Conan the Barbarian, was given another role in Conan the Destroyer as Togra, the leader of the horsemen who fought one-on-one with Conan sometime in the middle of the film.

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