Continuity mistake: Van Helsing and Seward discover Mina's grave empty, and go underground to look for her. Van Helsing finds her first, to discover she is now the undead. As Mina advances, Seward enters, pulls her off, and they struggle as Van Helsing grabs a stake. Mina is then "thrown" back into Van Helsing's arms, and gets impaled. As the camera pulls away, Mina lays lifeless in Van Helsing's arms as he weeps. The stake, however, has disappeared. Where'd it go? It should be sticking clear out her back, covered in blood.

LeAnne Vecziedins

Continuity mistake: In the big love scene, Dracula enters Lucy's bedroom and starts seducing her. During this it is quite apparent that some camera shots do not coincide with the moment of passion. After intense kissing, Dracula prepares to bite Lucy. The camera angle clearly shows his mouth is aimed for the right side of her neck, as he goes down on her. However, the immediate following shot shows his face still angled slightly above hers, and then he aggressively bites her on the left side of her neck.

LeAnne Vecziedins

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