Trivia: The Bach family fortune by 2018 money would be approximately 2.1 billion dollars.


Trivia: John Belushi was the first choice to play Arthur. Belushi thought the script was excellent but he turned down the role as he had already played a hard-drinking guy in ‘Animal House', and feared being typecast as a substance abuser.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Linda is in the car with Bitterman, she says, "Oh, here comes Mrs. Nezbeth..." While she is saying that in that shot, she turns around and looks out the rear window of the car. In the next couple of shots, outside of the car, Mrs. Nezbeth is coming from the opposite direction Linda looked.

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Arthur: Hobson, did you see that?! That girl stole that tie!
Hobson: Yes...
Arthur: It's the perfect crime: girls don't wear ties...well it's not a perfect crime, but it's a pretty good crime...
Hobson: Perhaps if she had murdered the tie it would be a perfect crime.

Lee Donovan

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