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Blood Simple (1984)

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Corrected entry: Abbey's husband gives her a gun, but she only has three bullets. She puts them in the cylinder of her revolver one after the other. Later, when the PI steals the gun, he checks the bullets and sets the cylinder so that the first round is under the hammer. When he shoots Marty, the second round is fired because the pistol is double action; when you pull the trigger the cylinder is rotated. The PI then prepares to shoot Marty the second time, pulling the trigger, which rotates the cylinder and cocks the hammer, but doesn't feel the need to fire. Later that round is fired accidentally, and the trigger is pulled twice more rotating the cylinder twice more, with the hammer falling on empty cylinders. This should leave the next trigger pull on an empty cylinder, then the next should fire. It doesn't happen that way, and I think there is a trigger pull missing in the film.

Correction: The first round is skipped when the PI shoots Marty because of the double action of the revolver, the second round is an accidental discharge because the PI pulled the hammer back enough to rotate the cylinder but leave the hammer back, the third round Marty tries to shoot Ray but lands on an empty cylinder, as well as the fourth, and fifth round. Now we are all the way back to the sixth round which is the round that kills the PI. All rounds and trigger pulls are counted for.

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Strip-Bar Exhorter: And remember, gentlemen, we're always here, two to two, A.M. to P.M., three hundred and sixty-four days and Christmas, God willing and the creek don't rise.

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