Dick (1999)


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Betsy Jobs: Checkers pooped.
Rose Mary Woods: Girls, the President's dog doesn't "poop." He "does his business."

Henry Kissinger: Excuse me, Mr. President. I was not informed that you were in the middle of... what the hell ARE you in the middle of?

Dick: Checkers - shut up. Or I'll feed you to the Chinese.

Dick: I've got a way with young people. They trust me.

Henry Kissinger: It's all right, gentlemen. I'm familiar with these two young ladies. Well, not "familiar", familiar, obviously.

Betsy Jobs: You kicked Checkers, you're prejudiced and you have a potty mouth.

Mrs. Spinnler: Every lie is another brick in the pathway to hell.

Factual error: When Michelle Williams gets contact lenses, they zoom in on the eye as she's trying to put the contact in. It's obviously a soft contact lens since you plainly see it folding over. They didn't have soft contact lenses back then.

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Suggested correction: The first soft contact lenses were launched in the USA in 1971, having already been available in other countries for some time, and were immediately adopted widely. This film starts at the time of the Watergate break in in 1972.

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Trivia: When the girls dash out onto the roof to display their banner, Michelle Williams appears to have a poorly camouflaged tattoo on her lower back.

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