Deliberate mistake: Though the loose ferris wheel keeps rolling for over a mile, the guys seated on it remain in the same position all the time instead of rolling down and getting crushed by it. Furthermore, they disappear in the wide shots and the wheel appears empty.

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Deliberate mistake: When Betty falls in the traphole, Maxine is right behind her, yet when the angle changes she's not only in front, but has turned 180ยบ. This allows for a funnier gag, but is still a mistake.

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Deliberate mistake: A piece of food lands on a soldier's soap and splashes on him. When the angle rises his glasses are covered in soup. The lenses are very obviously painted, for the splash was way to small to produce such mess.

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Revealing mistake: When the Ferris Wheel at the theme park has broken from its mounting and is rolling down the pier, it appears to be rolling forward but rotating anti-clockwise when if it is rolling forward it should be rotating clockwise.

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Colonel Akiro Mitamura: Destroy that industrial complex.

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Trivia: The U-boat in 1941 was a mock-up made just for the film. It was the front half only and all scenes of the sub were shot on a sound stage water tank. The sub just rose up and down out of the water. They did have a model sub that floated in the same studio tank for the scenes with the amusement park and ferris wheel.

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