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Corrected entry: During the scene where Seymour tells Enid the origins of Cook's Chicken, a record is playing. At one point, Semour changes the record. When he takes the record off the player and puts it back in its case, the music keeps going.

Correction: It never shows Seymour actually changing the record, just putting the record back in its sleeve, therefore, as an avid record collector it is more likely he is browsing through his collection OR that he had already changed the record then put the new one on the player offscreen, before putting the old one back in the sleeve.

Corrected entry: Early in the film a scene takes place looking out the front door of a convenience store. The scene shows a row of parking spaces an area to drive a second row of spaces then a hedge. Later in the film Seymour drives across a much larger parking lot directly at the door the hedge is nowhere to be seen.

Correction: When Enid and Rebecca first visit Josh inside The Sidewinder convenience store it is the only time in the film when there is a shot directly outside of the front door of The Sidewinder. As you can see, there is a row of parking spaces, an area to drive, another row of parking spaces and then the hedge. This is the only time when the hedges would be visable during the film. When Enid brings Seymour into The Sidewinder you can see them walking through the parking lot from an entrance by the Salon. This is the same entrance Seymour drives through when he later drives across the parking lot. Both times the entrance by the Salon is used you are able to see a row of parking spaces, an area to drive and another row of parking spaces. The reason the bushes are not shown is not because they are not there, it's because the angel of the camera. There are also cars parked in the parking spots along the bush, that would obstruct the bushes if the camera would have happened to be slightly more to the right. The parking lot is also not longer, it is exactly the same.

Corrected entry: In the Scene where Enid and Seymour drink the champagne in Seymour's room, the bottle jumps from Seymour's hand, to the table in front of Enid between shots

Correction: When Enid and Seymour are in Seymour's room, the bottle is never once in Seymour's hands. There is also no table in front of Enid. Seymour is sitting on a red chair and the chairs arms are wide, and this is what the bottle is being placed on.

Corrected entry: After visiting Buscemi in the hospital, Thora Birch and her friend sit down on a bus stop bench. You can clearly see the shadow of the boom mike come down across Thora Birch.

Correction: The shadow is of Scarlet Johansson's head. You can see the shadow move consistently with Scarlet's head, and is consistent with the light source coming from the far left.

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Josh: Aren't there like a million places like this?
Enid: This is the ultimate. It's like the Taj Mahal of fake '50s diners.

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Question: Does anyone know what Enid writes with her finger on the dusty antique record player?

Answer: Her name.


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