Gosford Park

Corrected entry: When Henry Denton is attacking Mary Maceachran, the camera zooms in on the back of his pants and you can see the tag "Fox Studios" from their rental department. (00:43:30)

Correction: This is deliberate - a foreshadowing of who Henry really is.

Corrected entry: During the shoot daffodils in bloom are visible. Pheasant shooting finishes at the end of January. Daffodils in England are seldom in full bloom until late February or early March.

Correction: The director has actually been very clever and done his research. It seems that back then, when the film is supposed to take place, daffodils were in full bloom at the end of January.

Continuity mistake: In the red drawing room, Freddie Nesbitt can be seen behind his wife, Mabel, putting his coffee cup on a bureau. They cut away to a wider shot, and he is holding the cup again.

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Constance, Countess of Trentham: Could we possibly get on before I freeze to death?.

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